1. The world’s assets are becoming tokenized on public blockchains
  2. With tokenized assets trading comes the opportunity for promotion
  3. Old referral system/solutions have major trust and privacy issues
  4. New referral systems look like the old ones - centrally managed siloed referral campaigns scattered across the ecosystem and blockchains, token holders and crypto projects
  5. Currently the tokenized economy is missing one essential element: A decentralised trustless referral network which creates a fair and equal promotion system for all players

The Attrace mission is aiming to become the referral standard for tokenized assets on any blockchain in a completely decentralised and trustless manner, and to achieve wide adoption within the tokenized ecosystem where the network users become the stakeholders.

Ultimately, the Attrace Team seeks to achieve a high level of token decentralization and become a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), where all the decisions related to the network are made by the community and the network users.