Referral Layer For The Tokenized Economy

The world’s first trustless Referral Network for a decentralized future

How it works

Attrace Referral Network

Participants in the Attrace Referral Network are able to connect and take part in referrals of tokenized assets on any public blockchain.

Rewards & Bounties
Verifier Nodes


Referral Rewards

Advertisers in the blockchain ecosystem that want to promote a sale or a service offering (i.e. NFT sales or dApp user conversion) provide a reward in a cryptocurrency for promoters who successfully refer a converted user (buyer).

Global process

Becoming the standard

Decentralized Referral Network

The world’s assets are becoming tokenized on public blockchains. Attrace is aiming to become a referral standard for tokenized assets on any blockchain in a tokenized economy.

Referral Layer

for the entire blockchain ecosystem

Blockchain agnostic solution which can support referrals of tokenized assets and crypto projects on any public blockchain (i.e. Ethereum, BSC, Tron, etc).

Referral layer
Trustless Referrals

One Network

for all Referrals

Network where all tokenized assets and crypto projects can be promoted (NFTs, fungible tokens, dApps, other crypto projects).


network of Verifier Nodes

Referral conversions are verified by the network of Verifier Nodes. These nodes safeguard and govern the network, register the referrables and trigger the commissions and cash back distributions on the external blockchains.

Referral layer

Community Owned Network

governed by its participants

Participants can earn $ATTR tokens, stake those tokens and gain right to govern Attrace Referral Network when providing a service to the network.


What Is Attrace?

Attrace is an open-source project aiming to create a referral standard for the future tokenized economy.

ATTR Token

Attrace Referral Network

A blockchain agnostic fully decentralised trustless referral network that can support referrals of tokenized assets and crypto projects on any public blockchain.

ATTR Token

Attrace Token

The Attrace token $ATTR is a utility and governance token that gives holders a right to participate in the network, govern the network, and earn token rewards by staking.

Attrace Ecosystem


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$ATTR is the native token of the Attrace Referral Network, it is a utility and governance token running on Ethereum (ERC20).

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List your tokenized asset on the Referral Marketplace, or start earning commissions via the trustless and decentralised referral network by promoting listed items to your audience.

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Attrace Smart Contract

Leverage the Attrace ecosystem by interacting directly with the smart contracts, mint your promotional token, or list your assets under your customised conditions.

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